Why Choose Us?

With years of moving industry experience under our belt, Interstate Movers of America has developed into a reputable moving firm that connects customers to a roster filled with elite moving companies. With so many disreputable movers out there, most people have a hard time finding moving companies they’re comfortable using. This means the importance of moving firms is greater than ever. If you’re undecided about where to find fast, affordable moving help, we’re the moving firm that can guide you.

Now moving companies might have the flashy commercials and sing-along tunes that everyone knows – but do they provide service that’s head and shoulders better than moving firms? Instead of getting caught up in the hype of the brand name of a moving company, Interstate Movers of America links you to elite movers that are just as reputable and work to make sure you’re moving needs are taken care of from start to finish. The movers in our network feature a hard-working staff that’s offers you excellent value and quality service.

One of the main benefits of a moving firm like Interstate Movers of America offers is convenience. No one likes to waste time on a fruitless search for moving companies on the Internet. What if you’re looking for a long distance moving company that can also ship your vehicle? You might come across car movers that don’t deal with household items, or a moving company that only transports furniture. We’ve got a large network of moving companies that offer the high quality moving services you’re looking for. The best part is you won’t have to worry about the reputation or validity of the movers, because every moving company we affiliate with is properly licensed and registered with the Department of Transportation.

Now because we’ve been in the moving industry for years, we’ve built strong, lasting relationships with the finest moving companies. The relationships we’ve fostered with the movers in our networks mean that they are more likely to offer us quality value, which we gladly pass this along to our customers. So while we keep our network happy by bringing them business, they make our customers satisfied by providing them with amazing value for their services. To keep our clientele coming back, the movers in our network treat each move with the uniqueness and special care it deserves. While the average moving company sees you as just another customer with an order number, our network goes above and beyond in making sure you’re provided with first-class customer service and all of your needs are met quickly.

Interstate Movers of America realizes that our duties as a moving firm don’t stop at finding you a quality moving company. We know that for your protection, we have to constantly keep a watchful eye on each moving company in our roster. That’s why we make sure every mover that is affiliated with us abides by the moving industry regulations, and maintains a history of providing quality customer service. Also, each moving company in our network must have a solid track record in the household goods industry of good service. If a moving company fails to meet and maintain the high standards we’ve established, we immediately disassociate ourselves from them and will not recommend them to you.

Furthermore, each movers in our network has been tested by the people that would know their services best – our past clientele. See, every company in our network has gone through a strict feedback test where customers who have used their services have graded them on their performance. This includes everything from performance to quality of customer service. Every company we recommend has received positive feedback from past clients. At Interstate Movers of America we don’t only believe in providing quality customer service, we believe in listening to our customer’s feedback to find out ways in which we can improve and make our network stronger.

The average customer may not realize it, but logistics play a huge role in the success of a moving firm. Interstate Movers of America has a wide network of movers located all over the map, so any sudden changes or unexpected problems that present themselves can be handled efficiently. Most importantly, in the event that you find yourself in a dispute of any sort with the moving company, we will meditate on your behalf and attempt to reach a quick, smooth settlement. We know that our reputation is at stake during each and every move, so we have an added incentive to make sure that any potential issues are resolved quickly.

Interstate Movers of America wants to see to it that you enjoy a fast, affordable relocation. If you’ve been looking to relocate but aren’t sure where to begin looking, we’re the moving firm that you want to start with.